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Workshop Hero Dry Coat


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Workshop Hero Dry Coat Rust Preventative is a non-toxic, water-based liquid designed to protect metal from rust and corrosion.  Dry Coat offers “Invisible Protection, Visible Results.”  Once applied, it will dry-to-touch within 30 minutes (in low humidity) and form a clear protective coating that protects for up to one year of indoor storage.  “Wash your hands” of those hazardous and messy solvents and oil-based rust preventatives, Dry Coat will not leave sticky or tacky residue or attract dirt or dust on metal parts.  Apply it via spray or dip and if you want to remove it, mild detergents or common metal cleaning solutions will do the trick.  Dry Coat, like the entire line of Workshop Hero products, is designed to take the “work” out of your workshop.

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