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How to Build A Cafe Racer Book by Doug Mitchell

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What's old is new again, and the newest trend on the block is Cafe Racers. Written by well-known motorcycle and automotive author Doug Mitchel, How to Build a Cafe Racer starts with the history lesson. And though those first bikes were build in the UK for racing from cafe to cafe, the current rage for Cafe Racers has definitely spread to the US.

Converting a stock motorcycle to a Cafe Racer requires more than a fairing and a few decals. Doug starts the book with a chapter on planning. Choosing an appropriate bike comes next, followed by chapters that detail the modifications that will likely be embraced by anyone converting a stocker to a rocker. From shocks and tires to engine modifications, Doug's book lays out each type of modification, and how it's best carried through.

The center of the book holds a gallery of finished bikes. These are not just Triumphs or Nortons, but nearly every brand imaginable from Japan, Italy, the UK and Germany.

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