• 50 States of Consciousness - DJ Jones

50 States of Consciousness - DJ Jones


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The true story of DJ Jones - a momma who breaks all stereotypes. This 130-pound, six-foot tall, postmenopausal, African-American motivator loves Country music, rides a motorcycle, yet, has no tattlos or piercings. Despite the odds, she rode her motorcycle, 800-pound 'Big Bertha', 169 consecutive days, 25.000 miles, through all 50 states, solo, surviving everything from tornados to grizzlies, in 2006. And, in addition to this already incredible journey, you'll sit ringside to witness DJ's behind-closed doors, never before told horrific backstory of a lifetime of abuse that somehow gave her the strength to persevere. Venture inside DJ's historic, liife-threatening, life-altering, emotional and physical roller coaster ride to help raise awareness and to help save lives through her experiences. 262 pages - Paperback.

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